Sucre Exploration In Bolivia

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Sucre Exploration – Where Beauty and Budget Collide
Tranquilo – an expression commonly heard throughout Bolivia – is the perfect word to describe Sucre. The Spanish word means just as it sounds – relaxed, calm, and smooth. Fitting for this quaint city that takes daily life back to the basics while encompassing its residents with charming architecture and breath-taking wonders of nature. Sucre is also known as the “White City” in attribution to its numerous white-washed churches and historic buildings.
About Sucre
Sucre was founded in 1538 and is a colonial-style city nestled in the Andes Mountain Range in a region known as the Antiplano. Ranking as the sixth most populated city in the country, Sucre is the constitutional capital of Bolivia
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Generally speaking, the threat of theft or crime is less in Sucre than in any major city in the United States.
Precaution should be taken against pick-pockets which would account for the majority of crime that does occur in the city. When traveling in the city, it’s best to keep money in a wrist wrap, a money belt, a fanny pack (don’t worry, they are still in style in Bolivia), or a money holder that wraps around the neck and can be tucked inside the shirt. Don’t create an opportunistic situation by leaving a wallet in a backpack or visible in a back pocket while you are in a crowded area. Pay attention to what you are doing and try to focus on one thing at a time.
Cost of Living
Low-cost of living is always cited as one of the top reasons expats decide to move to Sucre. In Bolivia, the cost of living is generally much lower than the surrounding South American countries, and some cities are cheaper than others. Sucre is one of them. Because Sucre is not as big as places like Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, and La Paz, there isn’t as much inflation and an income of $1000 or less per month is more than enough to live like a king in this
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Because of the altitude of Sucre, people living with heart or respiratory conditions could be affected because of the added stress on the body. Also, because Sucre is not a very large city, if someone were to get very ill and in need of a lengthy hospital stay, specialized or high-acuity care or treatments – Sucre may not have a facility to treat certain cases and one would need to travel to a bigger city in the country for this type of care. However, a situation such as mentioned is highly unlikely for a healthy individual and most healthcare needs would be adequately met by the options in
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