Sudden Death Case Study

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Impact of Sudden Death on Mental Aspect
Case 1: CHERRY Cherry had difficulty/trouble thinking and concentrating on things because of being traumatized about the incident, these problems made it difficult for Cherry to takecare of things at home and do her work.

Clinically, the results highlight the importance of considering a possible role for loss of close personal relationships through death in assessment of psychiatric disorders. When someone loses a close personal relationship, even late in life, there is a profound effect on sense of self and self-reflection.
The study, published online recently in the American Journal of Psychiatry(n,d.), involved more than 27,000 people. Of these participants, 20 percent to 30 percent said the sudden
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Purple believes that her loved one was just beside them to guide the whole family. She acknowledged that butterflies now provide her with a sense of peace and comfort and she perceives them to be representative of her loved ones presence.

Grief is an extremely emotional experience. It also does a number on your brain. When you are about to begin the process of mourning, most of your mental attention is directed toward it. Your mind is consumed with disbelief and the struggle to accept your new reality. Your cognitive responses slow and become muddled; your “right mind” seems to suddenly go left.
The psychological grief responses pull so much from the regions of your brain. The areas that manage attention and memory are activated. The sections that focus on emotion and relationships are stimulated. The zones that are dedicated to planning and language are triggered. Hormones reserved for emergencies course through you. Sometimes, so much happens at once that the brain’s resources are overwhelmed and you begin to draw a blank, daydream, long painfully for your loved one, and the everyday business of housework or paperwork fade into the background. Grief is front and center in your head as well as your heart (Fane,
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