Sue Bee Honey Swot Analysis

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6. Sue Bee Honey Sue Bee Honey Offerings Strength and Weaknesses Product - Clover Honey 237 grams @Php213.25 -Clover Honey Orange Blossom 237 grams @Php213.25 Strength: -Well-known brand -flavored variety of honey product -300 bee keepers members, known product even in US Weakness: -crystallizes in refrigerator, doubtful raw and pure honey Price - Clover Honey 237 grams @Php213.25 -Clover Honey Orange Blossom 237 grams @Php213.25 Strength: A little difference and low than the standard pricing Place -US based, -distributed in SM Supermarkets and Robinsons Strength: -US quality controlled, many market distribute in the country and internationally Weakness: -Doesn’t offer specific orders of delivery, just for market or physical store Promotion -Website, online, word of mouth Strength: -Website, online, Word of mouth. Already an established brand Weakness: -import brand cannot promote Filipino values Sue Bee Honey has a long and gratified tradition of supporting its American beekeepers. Countless of these processes have been passed down from generation to generation. ”Sioux Honey Association promotes its anti-slavery and anti-human trafficking policies by requiring that its direct suppliers pledge that the supplier is complying with anti-slavery and anti-human trafficking laws that exist in the country(s) in which a particular supplier is doing business”. Sioux Honey Association even have need of all of its direct suppliers to complete and submit a self-assessment

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