Sue Jouzai Analysis

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Sue Jouzai in her passage, argues that not only should we boycott, but instale rules and regulations to companies that uses actor as a way to endorse products by first listing celebrities that use everyday products and saying something to make it look better. She continues by explaining how these company are trying to manipulate the audience to think that it is better.The author's purpose is to point out the how misleading the companies are in order to gain support on how the passing laws on celebrity endorsement. the tone created by the author is an objective feel to it. Celebrity endorsements should be monitored and have laws in place to protect the consumer. One can not pass laws and regulations that control what one says about a product because it is against their constitutional rights. The constitution states that ¨Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise…show more content…
Thousand of people have gotten serious burn or and one even died from from the battery packs of the hoverboard blowing up. This was the fault of the company that had sent faulty product without any warning the unsteady chemistry that the batteries held inside. Products often mislead the consumer to believe that the product is better than real is through the use of celebrities. In the old spice commercial they use Isaiah Mustafa who is a famous actor to convey that there body wash smells better than the rest and somehow makes you look more appealing. This misleads the consumer to believe that this type of body wash will make him a better person. The consumer can be mislead in many ways that can hurt them or simply don't do what is suggested within the commercial. Many large companies use celebrities to make to mislead the consumer and trick them into buying a product that may not work. Laws and regulations need to be installed in order to protect the
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