Sue Klebold Analysis

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Sue Klebold had a hard time believe in the beginning that her son had something to do with the shooting. She wanted to believe it was a prank that went wrong or that someone forced him to do it. Where Eva knew from the beginning that Kevin was a problem child and knew he would lash outward one day. Sue also though that throughout her son 's life, he was a gentle, loving person; Eva on the other hand never really liked her son. I think Dylan’s friend, Eric, was more like Kevin in the sense that he was more homicidal than suicidal. Sue wishes that she could have questioned Dylan more and listen to his problems rather than to try and fix the way he felt. She wanted to bond with him more to try and save him. Eva just shut down when she did not get along with Kevin. Finally Sue made a statement that she still loves her son, and Eva told Kevin, straight to his face, that she hates him. Both mothers blame themselves in some ways for why their children shot up their school, but do not think they are the only reason they did it. Also both mother clearly did some things to…show more content…
I always thought this because from evidence given it seemed like the mothers of these school shooters were not engaged enough with their children. I think Eva had a harder time trying to be active with Kevin, from the beginning, Kevin never showed any affection towards her and it kind of seemed like he was out to get her. Thus making it every hard to Eva to form a connection to her son. Sue, on the other hand, knew that her relationship with her son would be strong until it was his time to break away and become more independent. Sadly, I think Sue had a tendency to not become involved with Dylan enough after that, from her statements it seemed like there were key moments where a mother should have gotten involved and took care of her son. She missed key opportunities to connect and help Dylan with depression, bullying, and other mentally draining
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