Sue Monk Kidd's 'The Secret Life Of Bees'

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Prompt #1 From the passage in chapter eleven, there are a lot of examples of symbolism that contribute to Lily and Zach’s relationship. The quote “Sometimes I would feel like I was hooked on the chain with them.” is a good example that resembles how Lily felt with the fish attached to her (Kidd 230). When those boys tied the living fish to Lily, she was completely freaked out and scared. When Zach explains how he knows what it is like to be hooked on a chain, it symbolizes his feelings towards Lily that she was not alone. “He lifted the chain with his dog tag from around his neck and lowered it over my head” resembles the relationship Lily and Zach had. It is also mentioned that it was as if Zach was right there alongside her heart, because of the necklace. They have a tight bond, resembled by Lily’s story and the necklace that Zach had given her. Overall, this passage had a large impact on both Zach and Lily’s character development. Prompt #3 Sue Monk Kidd’s character Rosaleen was a good way to show the struggle during the civil rights movement. “Rosaleen lifter her snuff jug, which was filled with black spit, and calmly poured it…show more content…
“I’d forgotten there would be dried blood caked across my arm” seems to be one of those points (Kidd 261). In reality, Lily most likely wouldn’t have thrown such a fit and then be let off the hook so easily. August would have been extremely mad, because that was all of her profit that had been splattered onto the wall. ““You knew her when she was little?” “I used to take care of her.”” was highly coincidental (Kidd 237). Lily ending up at her mother’s previous home was so unlikely, nearly impossible. In the real world, Lily would not have been accepted into their home so easily either. In conclusion, some parts of “The Secret Life of Bees” probably would not occur in the real
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