Suffer The Little Children Analysis

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Suffer The Little Children by Stephen King is a story of a teacher, Miss Sidley, a disciplinarian, a successful English teacher, who was feared by her students because she seemed to know what the students were up to in her class. But a student, named Robert, decided to taunt her and had influenced other students to do the same. Couldn’t handle the pressure, she brought a gun to school and killed them all and decided to take her own life when she was in psychiatry ward. There were a lot of elements in the field of stylistics. Characterisation and point of view are the elements that will be discussed below. “She was a small woman who had to reach on tiptoes to write on the highest level of the blackboard, which she was doing now. Behind her, none of the children giggled or whispered or munched on secret sweets held in cupped hands.” and “Now, writing the day’s list of spelling words on the slate …) (Page 252, King, 1984). The word ‘now’ seemed to be repeated occasionally, showing that the narrator knew what is happening in class in the present. How could a narrator know what Miss Sidley was doing or what was happening in the class and still narrate the story at the same time, unless the narrator was in the class; took note on everything – whether there were any one of them giggled or whispered behind Miss Sidley’s back or chewed on sweets, listened attentively and focused on everything that was going on in the class. When I, as a reader, read the word ‘now’, it felt like the

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