Suffering For Women In Alice Walker's The Color Purple

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In the novel The Color Purple, Alice Walker illustrates the story of a woman who experiences great suffering in her life. Whilst it is a story that aims to inspire great respect and appreciation for women by highlighting their challenges and their potential to grow beyond them, Walker does not neglect to offer readers a holistic glimpse into the male psyche; proving that men, even though often seen as “predators”, are often victims of circumstance. She addresses the issues of male violence against women without diminishing the trauma that men face or their ability to grow. By the end of the novel, Walker allows both Harpo and Albert to redeem themselves. In the process, she suggests that there is no growth without surrender; that things need to fall apart in order to come together. With reference to these characters this essay will explore the cyclical nature of human behaviour, relationships, as well as the idea of God as bringer of human transformation.
Walker establishes the significance of self-expression and its role in developing self-awareness and consequently, the ability to resist oppression through female relationships. In the novel female relationships are a source of courage and allow them to rise above their circumstances. The same cannot be said for the male relationships as they are based on power and authority instead of love and compassion. Fathers are neither supportive nor understanding toward their sons. This is a prison that enslaves both Harpo and

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