'Suffering In Erskine Caldwell's Daughter'

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Should someone be let out of jail if they killed their child to stop their suffering? In Daughter by Erskine Caldwell, Jim Killed his daughter because she was starving, he worked hard but his money was taken away and couldn’t afford food. Jim killed her because he could watch her starve anymore, many outsiders supported him. Readers either agree or disagree that he should be let out of jail. I agree he should be let out, he did it out of love. The daughter was starving, and Jim couldn’t do anything because he was to broke. Jim would be woke in the middle of the night and then begged for food by his daughter.“She waked up in the middle of the night again and said she was hungry.”(30) The poor girl couldn 't sleep all night because her stomach was too empty. It was hard for Jim to deal with it cause he was trying his best. She had been hungry for months and Jim was struggling with it. “I just couldn’t stand to hear her say it” He lost it and killed her because he couldn’t hear her suffer one more day. He didn’t just kill her for no reason he did it because he thought she deserved a better life with a full stomach.…show more content…
He had been working for a man named Henry. He worked for him for nine or ten years but was taken advantage of. “Henry Maxwell to come and take Jim’s, too.”(38) Henry took Jim 's share leaving Jim broke and alone. He mad lame excuses to Jim for why he got the money. “He said I owned it to him because one of his mules died about a month ago.”(38) He blamed Jim for his mule dying and he owned him just so he could have the money. Jim was trying to keep afloat but was struggling making his daughter starve, and deciding she should have to life through these
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