Suffrage Movement Outline

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The Women’s Suffrage Movement I. Before the Women’s Suffrage Movement started, women didn’t have many rights. African-American women and slaves had less rights. They didn’t have legal protection; some didn’t even get the right to raise their own child. Other women had more rights, but not as many as men. They weren’t able to go to college, they had to work at home, weren’t allowed to have strong public opinions, some were sold or even forced into marriage so their family could get more money. It was a slow-developing but nation-wide movement led by women, produced the Women Suffrage Movement and eventually, the right to vote. II. The Women Suffrage Movement has a lot of important women and without them, we still might be fighting for…show more content…
It was held by Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Stanton, around 300 people attended, which also included 40 men. B. Women’s Movement of 1850’s focused on full rights and participation in civic life for women. C. Equal Pay act is when men and women were required to get paid the same if they did the same job for the same amount of time. D. Civil rights Act made it illegal to reserve certain jobs for men and certain jobs for women. V. The growth that happened during the Women Suffrage Movement was stronger once we got a better education and worked together. A. The first time a state could have women vote legally was in 1869 and by 1920 all women in the U.S. could vote, starting with Wyoming, then Colorado, next Utah, and after that Idaho. 1. In the west states women were valued for how much they contributed VI. After women got the right to vote, they took men’s jobs while they were at war, and soon started joining to military. The Code of Hammurabi let women serve as judges, witnesses, and scribes. Once the Civil War past women could get a better education and could be nurses and teachers. It was also a slow-developing but nation-wide movement led by women, produced the Women’s Suffrage Movement and eventually, the right to
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