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Suffragette – English assignment 1A) How would you define the term “feminism”? Feminism is the term used to describe the hope and belief that women should be treated as equals, both economically and socially as man, and vice versa. 1B) Look for definitions of “feminism” in the Internet. Do they correspond to your definition of the word? Pretty much, I do believe that I have a good understanding of the term. However, I also think that men can benefit from a social reform. “The belief that women are and should be treated as potential intellectual equals and social equals to men. These people can be either male or female human beings, although the ideology is commonly (and perhaps falsely) associated mainly with women.” – Urbandictionary…show more content…
Before the Suffragette movement, Maud Watts was a young laundress. Oppressed by her boss, neighbours and co-workers. She did not have the guts. Maud also had a husband and a child. 2B) What made her decision to join the movement? One day, while delivering a package, Maud is caught up in a suffragette riot. In this riot, she recognises Violet Miller, a co-worker at the laundry. Later, one of the suffragettes encourages the women at the laundry to pick up the fight. This interests Maud and she is thrown into the feminist group. 2C) How did Maud’s life change after she joined the movement? After Maud joined the movement, she was energized. You can see that she is much more self-secure. However, when she was out to check if women had been given the right to vote, the police turned on them and she was sent to jail. After being released, she promises her husband that she will stay away from the group, thus, attending to a secret meeting. Obviously, this did not turn out well, and the police caught her again. This time, she was thrown out of the house. Maud is fired and loses her son, which causes her to become extremely

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