Sugar And Artificial Sweeteners Analysis

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Title: Stirring up the Bittersweet Truth: Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

Hook: All sugars can be chemically and physically addictive to the body, sometimes the outcome is not worth the pleasure when it can lead to an early death.

Thesis: When it comes to Sugar and artificial sweeteners is one healthier than the other?

*** POINT 1: Over consumption of sugar leads to weight gain, obesity, and other health risks. Excessive amounts of artificial sweetener increases appetite which can lead to weigh gain and obesity as well.

Subject A, Point 1: In the Sugar Surprise: Dieter’s Dilemma, Beth Mansfield addresses how much sugar the average person consumes in a daily basic. She states “that when it comes to sugar the average adult consumes 23
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And they enhance the appetite which than contribute to sweet cravings and confuse the body’s natural mechanisms for regulating calorie intake which can make the consumer eat more calories. Kiefer points outs while eating the same amount of food filled with these sweeteners that the feeling of fullness comes later which could result in overeating (Sugar Trap).

***POINT 2: There can be both psychological effects of sugar and artificial sweeteners making them addictive.
Serge Ahmed claims sugar is as addictive as cocaine craving more. The same with artificial sweeteners if the consumer has a diet drink with their burger they may think it is free calories to have a super-size fry with the order. They are both empty calories adding up.

Subject A, Point 2: Sugar is as addictive as cocaine making the consumer crave more and all calories aren’t equal. Sugar isn’t filling, so any calories from sugar will pile on top of the other calories taken in.
Subject B, Point 2: Artificial sweeteners do not provide the feeling of fullness and being a no calorie sugar the result can lead to consuming more food due to the fact of it being a “free food” so they tend to eat
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POINT 3: Excessive amounts of sugar can lead to cancer contributing from high levels of insulin and certain artificial sweetener have been linked to cancer as well.

Subject A, Point 3: Excessive amounts of sugar can cause cancer. Eating too much sugar causes inflammation and high insulin levels, both linked to cancer, especially of the pancreas, breast and colon. Sugar is the real danger when it comes to heart disease (Sugar Surprise). Added sugars can cause inflammation and damage to arterial walls which can result in heart disease. A large study in 2014 showed people who eat the most sugar have almost doubled the risk of heart disease verses people who eat less. Also, type 2 diabetes is on the rise it has tripled among children in the last 10 years (Sugar Surprise).

Subject B, Point 3: In “Chocolate, Fast Foods, and Sweeteners: Consumption and Health “by Marlene R. Bishop, she claims based on observations that the artificial sweetener saccharin causes bladder cancer in lab rats (19). Bishop also claims that the most health issues reported have been headaches which have been linked to aspartame, another artificial sweetener (20). The artificial sweetener saccharine has been reported by the FDA that is has given bladder cancer in lab rats and migraine headaches have been the most commonly reported side effect to aspartame and they are also linked to type 2
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