Sugar And Ice By Kate Messner Essay

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Every chance you get, take the opportunity especially when it’s your dream. Sugar and Ice, by Kate Messner, is a realistic fiction book that takes place in Lake Placid. Claire tries to accomplish her dreams of getting on the competitive skate team and meets fellow skaters/friends on her long journey. Claire meets nice friends and skaters who help her get through the process of achieving her dreams. Eventually, Claire accomplished her goal and became stronger and braver.

The main character, Claire Boucher, was a very shy and unsure girl but, then develops to be a remarkably confident young lady. For instance, “‘Well… should I try the single first?” Claire’s voice was shaky.” (pg. 114) Additionally, she was a very timid, unconfident, and insecure girl. When Claire was asking her skating coach for clearer instructions she was very nervous and unsure to ask. To illustrate, “Claire smiled a little. “I know.” She was stronger. And she’d choose her own dreams from now on. She had a bunch of them to get started on.” (pg. 265) Furthermore, Claire becomes confident and stronger. She even said it herself in this quote. In conclusion, Claire was very unconfident and insecure but, then she became a outgoing and strong woman.

Claire was offered a scholarship to
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In one case, “He had dark hair and eyes, and a perfectly pointed triangle of a nose that made him look like one of the ravens that circled over the orchard sometimes.” (pg. 5) As well, this shows a terrific example of imagery. The book uses figurative language exquisitely. The book states, “Tonight, she skated under the moon and listened to the music of ice. Welcome to winter, it said. Welcome home.” (pg. 271) Therefore, the author uses personification to make the story more interesting. This capture the reader's full attention. Sugar and Ice, was written by Kate Messner, she wrote it excellently with different varieties of
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