Sugar Candy Experiment

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If we increase the temperature of the water, then the Sugar Candy requires less time to fully dissolve. This was the hypothesis that arised before the experiment began. By conducting the experiment and then analysing all the data and pieces of information from the experiment, it is fairly safe to say that the hypothesis is true. On the other hand, it is very important to state that this statement must be taken with a grain of salt. As mentioned in the background information of the introduction, solution of the solute in the solvent is mainly due to polarity. For any solute to dissolve in a solvent, the molecules must be able to interact with each other. Water is a polar solvent as it carries positively charged hydrogen atoms at one end and…show more content…
The sucrose of the Sugar Candy is able to dissolve in the water because of exactly this, it has many polar groups that carry partial charges and fit into their inter molecular gaps of the water molecules. It is now obvious that sugar will dissolve in water, and why, but for the hypothesis to be answered it must be able to dissolve faster at higher temperatures every single time. The hypothesis is true as the outcome of the experiment mirrors what is stated in the hypothesis. The reason that the sugar is able to dissolve faster at higher temperatures has to do with energy, specifically kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is energy that exists due to the movement of particles. As the temperature of the sugar increases, the kinetic energy also increases as the particles are moving faster at higher temperatures. Sugar dissolves better in water of higher temperatures as it takes less time for it to dissolve. The reason for this has to do with increased the increased molecular motion that is…show more content…
Besides, if the water turns into gas, there will be no more water left in the beaker for the sugar to make a solution with. Another reason for why the x-intercept cannot be at approximately 95 °C is that at any temperature above this, it takes a negative amount of time for the sugar to fully dissolve in the water. Of course, this is unrealistic and simply impossible. Another interesting thing to point out is how a polynomial line of best fit fits better than a linear one for the results. This is unexpected for all members of the group, as we predicted that a linear line would fit the best. It is, as mentioned before, important to remember that all this information from the experiment must be taken with a grain of salt. One reason for this is the fact that the entire experiment was only done once. This means that the sample space is way to small here and that more trials must be done before any final conclusions can be drawn, for sure. Proof that the experiment must be done more than once can be seen by comparing the points on graphs 1 and 2. Graph 1, as mentioned in the data analysis portion of this lab report, contains outliers. Basically, these are
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