Sugar Craving Persuasive Speech

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Does this sound familiar? It is afternoon and like clockwork, your sugar craving hits. You know you shouldn 't give in to your craving but the intensity of the craving is so extreme you just don 't have enough willpower to prevent yourself from satisfying it. You grab whatever is near, i.e. cookies from the vending machine, chocolates on your assistant 's desk, or the leftover ice cream in the freezer from the night before. If there is nothing around and easy to grab, you make a special trip to the food store to buy a sweet, tasty treat.

You take your first bite, and it tastes so good. You feel relief. Your energy levels immediately rise. You feel happier. This feel good feeling doesn 't last long, however. Soon after your energy levels
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Don 't skip breakfast if you want to have high energy levels throughout the day so that you can prevent your body from craving sugar. After literally fasting all night long, your body needs healthy food come morning. If you don 't give your body the fuel it needs, it will send out craving signals for a quick energy source like sugar that will be hard to ignore. Keep in mind a good breakfast is not cold cereal, orange juice, coffee, instant oatmeal or a bagel. All these foods will spike your blood sugar levels just like table sugar only to leave you lacking in energy soon after. Try instead to eat healthy foods for breakfast that don 't raise blood sugar levels so quickly and high like whole temperate fruits (not tropical); protein like fish, nuts, seeds, legumes, eggs; vegetables (excluding white potatoes); and cooked whole grains (not instant or the whole grains found in…show more content…
Nutritional Imbalance: Sometimes a sugar craving is caused by a nutritional imbalance. For instance, if you are eating too much salt, you are likely to crave sugar later. Human beings love the taste of sweet and salty combined. Some examples of this taste combination are chocolate covered pretzels, peanut butter cups, and eating an orange after a salty Chinese meal. Pay attention to when you have your sugar cravings to see if you ate something salty prior that may have triggered

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