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This post is going to be on an extremely important topic, diabetes. 1 in 4 people with diabetes, don’t even know they have it! This topic truly impacted me because both of my grandfathers that have already passed away had diabetes, so honestly diabetes is something that could be in my future. Recently, I read Sugar Nation by Jim O’Connell and I was pretty shocked from reading it and it opened my eyes to how severe the diabetes problem is in the world. The book is basically Mr. O’Connell’s recollection of being diagnosed pre-diabetic, his journey to find more information on treatment and how effective it is, and Mr. O’Connell’s father passing away from not taking care of his diabetes. Before getting into the takeaways from the book we need some definitions and to shed some perspective on how dire the diabetes problem is. So, what is diabetes? The short answer is it’s when your blood glucose or sugar is too high. How it works is when you eat food your body breaks it down into sugars that enter your bloodstream to be distributed throughout your body for energy, when this happens your pancreas releases a hormone called insulin to transport those sugars to the …show more content…

For example, most doctors recommend increasing carbohydrate consumption and decreasing protein and fat. Why is this bad? Because carbs are made of SUGARS, so if you have a problem in dealing with sugar in your blood, like diabetes, it makes no sense to increase its consumption. Doctors are not the main problem that is not the message being sent. The message is that there is things can be done to combat diabetes, it is your responsibility to ask your doctor for your options if they do not tell you. You can seek the help of a nutrition expert and personal trainer to assist you in making the lifestyle changes to fight diabetes. Get tested and tell your loved ones to get tested as

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