Sugar Stir Or Stir Short Story

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Butter…… sugar…… stir……stir…...stir

We’re sitting in my Great Grandma’s small kitchen all of us, it’s a little squished too. My Great Grandma sits in the living room with a soda and cards. It’s very hot because the candy is cooking away and all of us are taking turns stirring. Me, I get the butter and sugar ready for them (with a little assistance because I was very young at the time.) When they don’t need help I play cards with GG (that’s what I called her because I couldn’t say the full words when I was younger. We would play go fish or solitaire. Looking back, we would always have a good time getting together doing that. Besides my Great Grandmother, the seven of them would use two maybe three pans with the same ingredients. My Uncle Bob, Auntie Jenny, and my Mom would take turns stirring. Greg and Justin helped when they could. My Grandma would put almonds on the bottom of the pans and chocolate on top.
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70 years ago my Pops (thats what I called my Great Grandpa) and GG started making toffee as a little christmas gift for family and friends. When my Grandma and Great Aunts and Uncles were younger they were told the story of how they learned this recipe. My Pops was maybe about 20 years old and he served in the second world war as a medic in London, England. He had been there for about a year, and when he was away, he learned how to make toffee. Then he brought the recipe back with him. My family has been making it ever since.

We would make the candy only around Christmas time as a type of little gift to give to close friends and family. My Grandma would even give it to co-workers to show a little appreciation. Most people happen to enjoy it, which is always nice to hear. I personally like it, but I don’t go crazy for it. I remember GG loving to break it pieces to eat it. She had a 3-tiered tray, and she would break the pieces just perfectly. She would place the pieces all around the

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