Sugar Trade Dbq

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The sugar trade was used and helped in many different ways. The sugar trade helped with business, money, shops, and economic reasoning. This became such a big industry all over the world. Sugar become so popular that everyone wanted to grow some, but they didn’t know how. They thought of the idea to use slaves for those who knew what they were doing. The main reason that drove the sugar trade was money to help their country. In Document three, it shows the people of London wanting more and more sugar. It’s almost as if the people can’t control their urge to have it, like a drug. Sugar was used to compliment things as well, which helped them to get more money. In document three it reads,”The increased consumption of sugar, and increasing demand for it, exceed all comparison with any other article, used as an auxiliary, in food: for, such is the influence of sugar, that once touching the nerves of taste no person was ever known to have the power of relinquishing the desire for it.” There was no person that could give up their sugar, it was an addiction. This is one reason why different countries wanted sugar because everyone wanted it.…show more content…
Sugar in tea was something the British really enjoyed and still do. This helps to improve economically and others with different businesses. Sugar is used in everything and is still used in everything, this is how people in the world today still make
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