Sugarcane Persuasive Essay

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Everyday people get choked out from the smoke that is caused by the sugarcane that is being burned. HC&S stands for “Hawaii Cane & Sugar and is over a century old They haven 't changed there ways of harvesting the sugar. The longer they burn the sugar the worse the effect become. So yes it should be stopped for many reasons. One reason is because of health issues, two because of environmental problems, and three because of agricultural reasons. The big issue about having sugar cane burned is it 's dangerous for people who have asthma. HC&S is risking children 's lives as well as people with asthma when they burn the sugar cane. On May 27 of 2015, HC&S burned the sugar in Kihei and there were no trade winds that day, in result of that Kihei was filled with ground level smoke that is proven toxic. Physicist Joe Ritter says the smoke from these burns are toxic, "This is a serious health risk not just the children but to the entire community." Dr. Ritter says the chemicals in the sugarcane have been labeled carcinogens and when burned becomes toxic and airborne. He says…show more content…
While it is snowing on the mainland, also on the Island of Maui but a different type of snow.Also known as “Maui snow. It is the black ash that falls from the sky during sugar cane field burns,this “snow” cover cars and building structures. This snow has built up a lot of controversy that sometimes leads up to violent threats and the agricultural practices. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says no air toxins are coming from sugar cane fields,but researchers recently identified 10 toxins coming from the burning cane trash that the agency is required to regulate. During these open-air fires, which usually begin in March and last until November every year. The leaves from the ground, bottom, midpoint and often the top of the cane are burned. This year, HC&S plans to burn around 400 acres of cane a week, Throwing matter and other substances into the air to harvest about 15,400 acres of cane

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