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Imagine you 're driving on a half finished bridge but only you didn 't know that it was only half finished so you drove on it and there was no warning sign that the bridge was under construction and not yet finished so you drove on it and drove off the bridge. Not putting a warning sign on the bridge telling you not to drive on it is similar to not putting a warning label on sugary beverages that could cause damage to your body. Because even though the bridge example would have killed you instantly too much sugary drinks could end up killing you in the long run. I agree that they should start apply warning labels on the outside of sugary drinks. My three reasons for saying yes to warning labels is that consuming sugary drinks can lead to health problems as they are very unhealthy, it 's also very addictive, and that the warning labels will actually work. On the contrary I can understand why some people might not want to put warning labels on sugary drinks. Some people might say no to warning labels they might say no…show more content…
First of all one reason that there should be warning labels on sugary drinks is because sugary drinks are very unhealthy to be consuming a lot of and could have several different diseases such as diabetes, heart attacks, obesity, liver damage, ext. "Obesity is the most common to occur from abusing sugary beverages." ( Lloyd, 2014) Since sugary drinks can be deadly and cause diseases plus are very unhealthy it would be a good idea to put warning labels on the containers to let the consumers know these things, to let the people know that abusing added sugar they could become obese, unhealthy, and/or have organ problems such heart attacks or large amounts of sugar cause liver fat. Obesity can be caused because added sugar is highly fattening. Sugary beverages are also the easiest way to consume excessive amounts of fructose says Joe Leech in his article " 13 ways that sugary soda is bad for your health" Sugar is added to so many of the foods we eat

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