Sugary Drink Restrictions

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Recently, the problem of a possible obesity epidemic in America has risen into the public spotlight. Naturally, people have responded to this negatively, and some have suggested that the government should limit the size of sugary drinks in order to stop this problem. However, government restrictions do not necessarily help with this situation. Overall, restrictions on drink sizes appear to simply be a detriment to consumers who merely wish to enjoy their meals. In addition to this, these limits fail to actually prevent people from drinking anything, thus making no impact on their calorie intakes. Although lowering the amount of obesity may seem like a noble cause, limiting the portion sizes of these beverages has an overall negative effect. Limiting the size on sugary drinks can cause people to drink more than they would normally, fails to prevent people from drinking their normal amounts, and restricts the rights of American citizens. Although limiting the size of sugary drinks may seem like a great way to make people drink less of these unhealthy substances, it can instead cause them to…show more content…
Because free refills exist in many restaurants that drink restriction will apply to, it ultimately fail to have any lasting effect. Consumers who wish to drink these sugary substances will continue to do so, with the drink restrictions only acting as a very minor obstacle in their way. Meanwhile, the law’s limits also directly interfere with the freedom of the people they affect, and lower their amount of choices to make when choosing a beverage for their meal. People should have the ability to choose how much sugary drinks they will consume by themselves, without the government controlling their every move. Limiting the size of sugary drinks will rarely have a positive effect, and should be avoided by both the government and the people of the United
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