Suicidal Impulses In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet
Teenagers have a different outlook on love compared to adults, they seem to take love too seriously or they take it as a joke. In Romeo and Juliet they take the thought of love above and beyond, considering that Juliet is only thirteen years old. Somethings never change, today's society still does the same exact thing.

the amount of suicidal impulses in Romeo and Juliet is horrible to see people do and say. For example from the book Juliet said “I will never be satisfied with romeo, until I see him dead, is my poor heart broken by my cousin”. “oh how i hate to hear his name and not be able to get at him to inflict the love i had for my cousin on the body of the man who killed him.” At the end of the book Juliet planned a fake death, someone was supposed to give a letter to Romeo to inform him
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I feel as if this still happens currently because us teenagers get all absorbed in the thought of “love” that you need someone to complete you, when they haven't even completed themselfs yet. that is were self worth comes into play, i think most teenagers that have romantic relationships do not know their self worth yet so they feel empty which makes them think they need someone to fill that empty hole. The bad part about that is you can't love anybody until you love yourself. when one doesn't know their self worth they allow people to do things that they truly don't deserve like getting treated poorly, abused, manipulated and get into unhealthy relationships. Another thing that comes into play is young people not knowing the difference between love and lust, lust is have a very strong sexual desire for someone love is an intense feeling of deep affection for someone. People mistake lust for love too often, i think it is easy to catch if someone is feeling love towards you or if it is lust by their actions. Loneliness is a big trigger for people to want
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