The Role Of Suicidal Traits In Marilyn Monroe's Suicide

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There she laid on the autopsy table, her skin slightly discolored with varying shades of gray and purple from early onset rigor mortis and her expression so strangely relaxed as well as alluring that one would wonder if she had found peace in her moment of death. How did Marilyn Monroe, beloved Hollywood star adored by everyone, end up here on this cold, hard table? The mystery surrounding Monroe’s death is like discovering a train accident and questioning where it came from with several curving and converged railroad tracks veering in every direction behind it. There are many possibilities as to how she died with different pieces of evidence supporting each one, however, never enough to fully adhere to one solution. All we could do is take…show more content…
In a journal titled “Suicidal Traits in Marilyn Monroe’s Fragments”, an LIWC analysis was conducted on every available piece of literature by Monroe. LIWC stands for Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count, and this analysis is developed by a computerized tool that is used for the study of suicide notes in which the use of negative/positive words, personal/third person pronouns, and various other linguistics that’s later compared to suicidal trends. For example, Monroe’s writing certainly indicate that she suffered from depression, “Our results showed a consistent use of high percentages of first-person singular pronouns and of low percentages of first-person plural pronouns, which is in line with previous studies linking this pattern with a sense of isolation and a low level of social integration… this sense of thwarted belongingness could be linked to suicidality,” (et al 2012). This analysis correlates with her psychological history of depression and anxiety. However, it is worth noting that suicide is related to clinical depression, but not every suicidal individual is depressed and not every depressed individual commits

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