Suicide Among College Students

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PRL3012 Assignment 2 Qualitative Research Report

1.0 Introduction Suicide among college students has become a serious problems in Malaysia. The Malaysian Psychiatric Association (2014) has revealed that approximately seven people in Malaysia intend to kill themselves each day. Additionally, the research conducted by Malaysian Psychiatric Association (2014) obtained a results which young adults aged 18 to 23 have the highest suicide rates and majority of them who often have the intention to commit suicide due to various reasons are mostly college students. This research report is focusing on study the suicidal behavior among college students aged 18-23 through qualitative approach and qualitative methods.

2.0 Research Goal

This research is aims to gain insights into attitudes towards suicidal behavior and to understand the perceptions associated with suicidal behavior among college students between the ages of 18 to 23 within Han Chiang College campus community. Besides, this research is conducted in order to help determine which approaches is more effective and more appealing in a suicide awareness campaign.
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Tam et al. (2011) theorized that college students who have interpersonal difficulties and financial problems, who often have nightmares and insomnia, those who are suffered from physical, sexual and psychological abuse and school or work problems usually have the intention to commit suicide. Tam et al. (2011) also obtained a results which those students who attempts to commit suicide usually influenced by the family characteristics. According to Tam et al. (2011), college students are intend to kill themselves once they become the victims of family violence or abuse and suffered from family instability. Some of them may even have family history of suicide or suicidal behavior (Tam et al,
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