Persuasive Essay On Suicide In Schools

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Suicide is a big issue in the lives of adolescents today. It has become more prevalent than ever before and something needs to be done in schools to help these students. I personally believe that to help the students we first need to educate the teachers. If the adults in the lives of these students are not properly educated in recognizing the warning signs for suicide and even depression then how are these children supposed to ask them for help? Once these teachers have been educated then it is time to educate the students. If a student is feeling depressed and thinking about suicide they are more likely to listen to a fellow peer than a teacher or other adult ("Suicide Education," n.d.). By educating children we are giving them the power to step in when they think something is wrong. “Suicide is the second leading cause of death for Canadian young people aged 15 to 19” (Boyd, Johnson & Bee, 2017). If this does not sound alarms in a person 's head that there is a problem then what will? Teachers are who these high school and University students look up to and they should be educated in these types of issues so that if or when the time comes they are ready and know how to deal with the situation. I think that teachers should have to take part in weekly night classes that teach them about the warning signs of depression and suicide. I am aware that some students hide it well, but if a teacher can…show more content…
It has even been said that, “a comprehensive suicide Prevention strategy is essential for decreasing suicide and suicide attempts” (Boyd, Johnson & Bee, 2017). A 15 year old may not look like they can do much, but if they are educated and they see one of their friends seems to be showing warning signs of depression they will most likely get involved. Students are smarter than we give them credit for. We all just need to be
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