Suicide And Suicide In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Suicide is the ultimate defense against life’s trouble as it offers a peaceful sleep, but what dreams may interrupt that sleep? Shakespeare’s Hamlet is discussing about suicide as well as death. Even though death offer peace, but the afterlife which is unknown makes people cowardly to commit suicide. Suicide is a motif that appears frequently throughout Shakespeare 's Hamlet. Hamlet and Ophelia are the two characters in Hamlet who are involved with suicide, although Hamlet only contemplates it, but Ophelia actually commits suicide in Act 4.Throughout the novel, the act of suicide is treat religiously, morally and aesthetically. Throughout the play, suicide is mention by Hamlet and the suicide that he mentions is something that is related with death and decay. The prime idea of this play is about a mystery of death which then causes revenge. This prime idea then lead every single action of Hamlet throughout the play as, his action mostly is in order to seek revenge for the death of his death father, King of Denmark. Hamlet’s father appears to Hamlet as a ghost and tells him that he was murdered by Claudius. The death of his father really weighs Hamlet and it make Hamlet into a spiral of depression in which lead him to contemplate suicide. Basically, death and decay are two words which give an imagery about something that is rotten, become not existing anymore, and smelly. The theme suicides in this play, is symbolize by death and decay in its storyline and most of the action

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