Suicide And Suicide Prevention

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Suicide is something that occurs everywhere, even though is shouldn’t, however hard we try, there is no way we can possibly eliminate all suicide chances, but we can try to see what there is to prevent it from happening.
The objective of this paper is to focus on the description of suicide, to discuss the trends related to it, and to investigate some methods for suicide prevention. We will discuss some relevant theories related to suicide and suicide prevention include the Psychological model, Integrated Model and Stress Vulnerability Model, which are further mentioned in this paper. There is a profusion of factors related to this phenomenon, with the inclusion of risk factors, protective factors and warning signs. The ones who are
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If there are any significant loses in a person’s life, such as the death of a pet, a sibling, a parent or a grandparent, they may choose suicide as a way to escape the grief. Also, in some cases, if someone has bad relationship with their peers, or is a victim of bullying, may also end up taking his/her life.
For some patients, who have been undergoing surgeries due to some illness, may take up their lives to end their pain and suffering. They may feel that the pain will end once they go away, but little do they know that this affects a lot of people behind them.
The ones who are usually more susceptible to this issue are young adults, who undergo a lot of stress in their school or academic areas, also those who are working may face a lot of tension from work, then end up committing suicide as an alternative to solve their problems. Sometimes in the society, there is a lot of pressure on how you look, or what your social status is, or how educated you are. In some parts of the world, such as India, where men are considered more valuable than women, we may see a lot of women opting for suicide as a solution to escape this injustice, or sometimes even domestic
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We can see that the largest age group to commit suicide is elderly, this may be due to the fact that they feel lonely and isolated, when having to live alone after their children start working or get married.


There is a lot that can be done by different groups of people to facilitate adjustment or prevention of suicide attempts. Like they say, prevention is better than cure. The reason being that once someone makes an attempt to commit suicide, they are most likely to go back to doing it again even have you stop them once, but if we are able to prevent that from happening, then it’s already a good start.
Another way is intervention, which is when someone stops someone in between their attempt at committing suicide. Through research, I found that victims that were stopped from ending their lives appeared to be very grateful later on, this is probably because they feel that someone cares and might think twice before ending their lives.
Lastly, postvention – this occurs after someone commits suicide, especially when you offer help or support to the beloved ones of the deceased. This is to reduce the chances of more suicides or similar activities happening again in the family, as well as to offer some help to them (Nortan,

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