Suicide Bombers Essay

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September 11th, 2001, a date marked by history. A day where thousands of Americans would wake up to their family, their friends, and the world one last time. Over 3,000 lives taken away because of the actions of a few terrorists who wanted nothing more than to watch America fall to the ground. Suicide Bombers cause global terror, and their motives and strategies are all part of a complex system of sacrifice and glory. Justifying the actions of these terrible people is almost impossible, but learning the origin of suicide bombers, examining their tactics, and discussing their motives will provide a better look inside the mind of a bomber and possibly give an explanation as to why terrorist attacks occur. Although very deadly, suicide bombers…show more content…
The second class of bombers can be described as people who use cars or another vehicle to carry explosives. A vacant car would eventually grow suspicion from others, so the bomber knows that the only way to accomplish the mission is to drive the vehicle and detonate the bomb on their own. Normally the target of these attacks are places where the most death can be inflicted such as congested areas, government buildings, or gas stations. Second class bombers can be held responsible for countless civilian deaths, but the third class of attackers are the deadliest and most well organized of all three classes. Suicide bombers that represent the third class are usually calm, collective, and precise and may take many months to plan out their attacks. Their attacks also differ from first and second class attackers because suicide bombers in the third class don’t use a “bomb” but instead use the energy of a vehicle such as a plane or a boat to wreak havoc. Most bombers who carry out these tasks are extreme and hardline fanatics who have no other objective than to kill as many people as possible. Although these events are rare, the destruction and lethality of these attacks is substantial. 9/11 is a primary example of a class three suicide attack in which multiple planes were used to cause unimaginable destruction (see Figure 2). Thousands of people die in these terror attacks, but the motivation behind such a terrible act is one of the last questions left
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