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Suicide bombers are motivated by their own experiences and other factors that are beneficial to them. Some think that suicide bombers are mentally ill, or psychologically disturbed, because of their self-less act of suicide in a public community; however a suicide bomber can be a person with a normal life, offered an opportunity that comes with beneficial rewards. Political conflict is the main reason for suicide bombings, because of altruism, repression, and religion basis. Suicide bombers who experience severe depression from letdowns, repression can lead to the act of suicide in a public area. Shaker Masri was an attempted suicide bomber in Chicago, IL. His goal was to be a "tool of indiscriminate murder." (The Washington Times). He was severely depressed, until he was arrested after being reported. His motive was to convey his pain from a relationship that wasn 't meant to be. There are different motives for a person to become a suicide bomber. Mohammed al-Ghoul, a 22 year-old in the first semester of a master 's degree program flipped a switch on a bus killing him and 19 others. He left a suicide note, and his father quoted, "How beautiful is it to make my bomb shrapnel kill the enemy. (Berean Publishers).…show more content…
Mohammad Sidique Khan, a 30 year-old man, with a young family of his own, detonated himself in London on July 7, 2007. (Science Daily). Khan was motivated by a "simple cost-benefit analysis," and wanted to submit totally to the collective aims of the terrorism group. Most suicide bombers are dealt with issues in life that they can 't overcome, so they take a step further to communicate their meaning. A suicide bomber linked to the Taliban killed 70 people and wounded more than 300 others in Pakistan. (Sky News). Sometimes there is no explanation for these immoral acts. Many suicide bombers are brainwashed to believe that bombing a public area will do it justice. It 's a compensation for their

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