Suicide By Seligman Summary

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The article authored by Seligman and other colleagues briefly touches on the influence of grants in the determination of psychological research programs undertaken on mental illnesses (Seligman, Parks & Steen 538). According to the authors, there has been a lot of research on mental illness, hence their conclusion that there is the existence of concrete evidence showing that happiness is not just the lack of maladies. They also suggest that further research on virtues and strengths is necessary to make people's happiness long-lasting (Seligman, Parks & Steen 539). Despite the fact that happiness has been the focus of discussion by many other philosophers in history, Seligman, and other colleagues also decided to touch on the issue, especially…show more content…
In the pursuit to belong to a particular movement or community, the general outcome is the acquisition of a meaningful life. The three routes that aid in the perfect definition happiness result to what they refer to as the full life. A further discussion according to the article is centered on some empirical approaches aimed at attaining true happiness in addition to the flourishing nature of the movement of positive psychology. Nevertheless, it seems quite artificial to be able to alienate these approaches towards attaining happiness from the general procedures of curing mental illnesses. One of the best reasons behind this in my opinion is that this area is one that considers the very sensitive area of traditional values and virtues (Seligman, Parks & Steen…show more content…
To some extent also, incorporating a lifestyle that involves plenty of exercises can also be considered to be a value-based choice for management of unhappiness based disease conditions (Seligman, Parks & Steen 543). My concern is if empirical research performed in the area of positive psychology shows some evidence of possessing therapeutic functions on conditions such as depression or mental illnesses. Perhaps there will be some concerns on whether the medical practitioners will comfortably buy the ideology and incorporate the ideas developed from positive psychology to their medical protocols to handle mental illnesses. Of course, such a decision can only be made at an institutional level, having considered all policies that govern the medical protocols in the institution. My additional point of view is that people must be able to choose their values wisely, since according to the article this comes out as an area with an essential capacity (Seligman, Parks & Steen 543). Further developments by the positive psychologists’ movements with the creation of a tangible international community whose culture is established on strong grounds imply that there would be a need for specialized medical services for the mentally ill. Such are the specialized
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