Suicide Case Summary

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INTRODUCTION: This case involves the suspect being arrested for public intoxication and unable to care for himself in violation of PC 647(f)-Public Intoxication. The suspect was later placed on a WIC 5150-Mental Health Hold. INVESTIGATION: On 05-22-17 at approximately 1906 hours, I was dispatched to Del Mar Boulevard and Edmondson Alley regarding a possible suicidal individual. Witness #2 Jaime Sanchez Huerta advised dispatch that Suspect Juan Hernandez-Trinidad was talking about killing himself, NFD. Huerta was reportedly following Hernandez eastbound on Del Mar Boulevard to Arroyo Parkway. Upon my arrival, I was flagged down by Huerta who was standing with Hernandez on the north sidewalk of Del Mar Boulevard east of Arroyo Parkway. I…show more content…
Huerta advised that Hernandez told Witness #1 Lowes how he was going to commit suicide. I was then approached by Lowe who was standing just north of me. Lowes told me that this morning, he met with Hernandez in Pasadena. Lowes saw that Hernandez appeared to be intoxicated. Hernandez reportedly began making suicidal statements to Lowes. Hernandez told Lowes several times that his life was over and he wanted to jump off of a bridge, NFD. I returned to my patrol unit and asked Hernandez if he made any suicidal statements to his friends, Lowes or Huerta. Hernandez denied making any suicidal statements or wanting to kill himself, NFD. Sergeant Pham #6903 was advised and approved the arrest. I transported Hernandez to the Pasadena Jail for booking, sobering and a psychological evaluation before being released. While inside of the Pasadena Jail Pre-Booking area, Hernandez admitted that he is suicidal. Hernandez told once he’s released from jail, he is going to jump off of the Colorado Bridge to kill himself. Hernandez also stated he would also try and kill himself in the jail. Hernandez then told jail staff that he was beginning to detox and felt as if he was about to have a seizure. Based on Hernandez’ statement, jail staff had the Pasadena Fire Department respond to the jail for a medical
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