Write An Essay On The Causes Of Teenage Suicide

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TEEN SUICIDE As we all know, commit suicide is the most overwhelming social issues nowadays. It can happen to anyone regardless of age and gender. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 15 to 24 years old tend to commit suicide. This show that, this issue must be studied more closely by knowing the causes so that, this issue can be eradicated. There are several causes of suicide among teenagers which are, tend to keep problems by themselves, have early loss of someone beloved and the most famous one is academic stress. The first cause tends to keep problems by themselves. This is because the person has trust issues on everyone. He or she does not trust people because they may have been betrayed in the past or they feel shy to tell their problems to other people. So, they decided to keep their problems and not telling the truth. Besides that, the person also felt that everyone not understand his or her problems and thought that even when they told their problems, none of the actions can be taken. For example, when a person develops cancer like breast cancer she will not tell about her illness to others. This is…show more content…
This is because, when he or she has lost someone their loved and trust, the person will tend to felt lonely almost the time and sometimes can lead to depression. For example, if someone has lost their parent at a young age, their placed to depend also will be lost. This is because parents are the ones who raise us, give us enough love and educate us to be a useful human being. So, to forget his or her problem, the person will begin to do bad things such as consume the drug. Other than that, if the depression is hard to cure the person will commit suicide in order to solve his or her problem. Therefore, we must always accompany and support our friends who face this problem so that they will not felt lonely and commit
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