Suicide Essay: The Common Causes Of Suicide

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. Committing suicide raise the feeling of liberty, would not you agree? Most people would think that the answer to all of their problems is the moment that the action of ending their lives begin. There is a high statistic of people committing suicide, World Health Organization showed that for about 800,000 people lose their lives over suicide. Youth suicide is in a high rate, surprisingly according a CDC survey it showed that boys suicidal rate is much higher than girls. To prevent this problem, the causes have be taking under consideration and sedated as well. Mental illness, depression and bullying are the common causes of committing suicide.
In the begging, mental illness is the most serious cause that could set the person’s live in a shaky path. An unstable mind is a massive threat to one’s life, and it is risky situation that the person can be in. For example, a person that has a mental illness could easily access a destructive path that a clear conscious have no place such as hanging or throwing themselves from the top of a building or even cutting them arms until their blood had been dropped till the last drop. Furthermore, studies have showed that mental illness had escalated the death-rate globally, and that more people have the appeal to convert to suicide so that their pain and their hurt would be satisfied with comfort of no more suffering. These results have no limitation to decrease any time soon. It seems that a lot of people act as a

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