Suicide In Canada Essay

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Canada, as one of the wealthiest countries in the world, has a unique economy system which integrated the public and private enterprises with a public to private property ratio of 40:60 indicating a high level of economic freedom in the nation (Sawe, 2017). As a member of The Organization for Economic Co-operation and development and Group of 7, Canada has the 11th largest economy as ranked by the nominal GDP and it ranked at 15th by the purchasing power parity (Sawe, 2017). In Canada, the service industry is dominant in the economy as three quarter of the population are employed in this particular industry (Sawe, 2017). Although the Canada’s economy dominated by the service industry, it is also one of the leading producer of natural resources…show more content…
In the year 2006, a number of 3512 people in Canada commit suicide which appeared to be the lowest figure among the other years. WHY During the 2008 financial crisis, the number of suicide shows a significant increase which marked a figure of 3705 suicides in 2008 and 3890 suicides in the following year. In the year of 2009, suicide has ranked as the ninth leading cause of death in Canada as stated in the Statistics Canada. The figure of suicides continued to rise slightly in 2010 which marked a number of 3951 suicides. The lowest figure over the study period appeared to be in the year 2011 which recorded a number of 3728 suicides. According to The Canadian Press (2011), Canada’s economy was ranked at the second place among the G7 countries in the year 2011 which seems to lead to the drop in the suicides. However, it is notable that the suicides in the following two years after the improvement of Canada’s economy in 2011 experienced a significant rose which marked the figure of 3926 suicides and 4054 suicides respectively. As mentioned by Antunes (2012), the Canada’s economy in 2012 and 2013 was most likely to be muddled due to the influence of the gloomy global environment. This slowdown on the economic activity is believed to have a negative impact on suicides in the particular
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