Suicide In Early Recovery

1086 Words5 Pages - Suicide Prevention in Early Recovery Addiction recovery can be a difficult and traumatizing experience for everyone involved. Unfortunately, it proves to be too difficult for many, as Psychology Today reports that one-third of all people who commit suicide are either under the influence of drugs or recovering from addiction. This suicide risk is exponentially higher during the delicate early stages of recovery, which makes suicide prevention a vital necessity. Identifying Why People Commit Suicide In Early Recovery Every person has a different reason for considering suicide while in early recovery. These reasons may seem trite or silly to you, but they are very real to the person who feels them. The following influences are among the most…show more content…
For many, this impulsiveness is what turned them to drugs or alcohol in the first place. For others, drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms decrease their sense of self-control, driving them to behave in dangerous and impulsive ways. Combine that impulsiveness with the sense of depression that can emerge from someone early in recovery and you have a potent cocktail. That said, there are still warning signs that you can watch out for that can help you diagnose a person's potential for committing suicide during recovery. Warning Signs Of Suicide Although the impulsive nature of suicide, especially in the early stages of recovery, may make it hard to predict, it's not impossible. People who are pondering or even planning suicide often show a wide range of warning signs. The severity of these warning signs is only going to be exasperated According to the group, Suicide Awareness Voices Of America, the following warning signs are among the most common indicators that someone is considering suicide or may be on track for attempting it: Talking about suicide Spending time alone or alienating friends or family

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