Suicide In Prisons

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Suicides have declined in recent years the problem is that they are still happening in jails and prisons. It may not be addressed in the media as much as it should be, however the problem is still there. Without the proper care inmates at times may not understand their circumstances, mentally ill inmates face a harder time with the reduction of mental hospitals. This transition period is especially hard for first time offenders who may not know how long it may take to be seen by a judge, or how long it will be till bail is posted. Nearly of all the suicides that occur half of them happen during the first week in jail (). With sources being limited the only thing personal can do is ask a list of questions and at that point if they are answered correctly than the individual is processed. While being processed an inmate may still be under the influence and…show more content…
By asking questions that may identify if a person is having suicidal tendencies it is easier to classify the inmate for suicide watch. With the introduction of questions as one of the ways to prevent suicides, inmates also wear jumpsuits with no belts or zippers which they can in no way inflict self harm. Also guards have the opportunity to monitor inmates in the control room, as well as monitoring them during their rounds to make sure no one has been hurt. By looking at a inmates criminal history personnel can look for the type of offenses or if there are multiple offenses that the inmate has committed which can be used as an indictor for suicide prevention. By identifying early on if the inmate has a list of unsuccessful suicide attempts in their file it aids with identifying if the inmate will try again while incarcerated (). Even with more trained personnel on hand, better equipment, and clothes an inmate that is wanting to commit suicide will eventually find a way to do say and their choice usually involves using their bed
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