Suicide In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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In the science fiction novel Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury depicts a broken society by characterizing it. However, excessive control can cause suicide rates to increase. Some believe that suicide would be decreasing because of the extensive amount of control the government has over its citizens. However, excessive control can cause suicide rates to increase. Ultimately, the downfall of the Fahrenheit 451 society is a product of denial and detachment from society, which makes it a cautionary tale for all. Suicide rates in Fahrenheit 451’s society are higher than the norm because of the presence of excessive amounts of regulation and the lack of integration. Fahrenheit 451’s society depicts the result of extreme social regulation as its citizens…show more content…
The beginning of the story is where Montag is portrayed as tan integrated citizen and a representative for society to the reader, and Ray Bradbury gives him, hence gives society, a state of denial of self which is a sign of Fatalistic suicide, demonstrating suicidal tendencies in society. When with clarisse, Montag is tested to see if he loves someone and when clarisse says that he doesn’t, he responds with “I am very much in love!” (citation). Throughout the book Montag changes and his role in the Fahrenheit 451 society changes with him. In the beginning, he is a model citizen and a representative of society in the eyes of the reader, but towards the end, he is an outcast opposing society and threatening the normal way of life in the society. In the beginning he states that he loves mildred and insists on it, but at the end of the book as the change is near completion he says “I don't miss her, it's strange I don't feel much of anything ”, stating that he did not have feelings for her in the first place. His change of…show more content…
Ray Bradbury shows how societies are vulnerable to control; (The high suicide rate of Fahrenheit 451 is the consequence of excessive amounts of social integration and regulation(saman’s version ) therefore, society needs to restrict the amount of control enforced upon them to maintain social structure and human

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