Suicide In The Book 'I Swear'

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I Swear Essay Suicide is defined as the intentional taking of one 's own life. Imagine living in a world of suffering where it seems like there is no way out as the taunting becomes gradually worse. The bad names being called start to become a reality, because being called them constantly makes them seem true. One starts downgrading themselves and grows more insecure each day. The online messages break one down and being told to “kill yourself,” starts to not seem like such a bad idea. All of the bad thoughts come alive and leaving life seems like the only way to escape. Leslie Gatlin in I Swear by Lane Davis made the tragic decision to commit suicide after being bullied by a group of girls in her school. Lane Davis gives the message in this…show more content…
In the end of the novel, Jillian, Beth, and Katherine realize that they do not need to follow Macie anymore because she is a horrible person. They tried to testify against Macie in a criminal trial. Other than all the horrible acts she came up with to mistreat Leslie, Macie perjured herself in her deposition. In a way, the death of Leslie Gatlin opened everyone’s eyes so they could see the reality of life. It changed three people and their outlook on what the right thing to do is. When at Leslie’s grave, Jillian started talking to her, “I’m sorry, Leslie… I’ll never be the same because of what happened. I swear.” (Davis 276). When Katherine was at her beauty pageant, she was asked about her opinion on cyber bullying. After tearing up, she said, “There was a girl at my school… She was bullied by people I knew, by my best friends. And instead of stopping them, I joined them.” (Davis 212). Katherine explained why she got involved, and went on to say that she was not strong enough to say no. Gaining enough strength, she managed to tell the truth, “I don’t deserve to represent the state of Washington at a pageant or anywhere else… this will be my final pageant… Leslie Gatlin, wherever you are… I’m sorry.” (Davis 213). Realizing the pain that she, along with her friends, caused Leslie made her see what was important. The crown did not matter, the truth mattered. All three girls were enlightened after realizing what their actions have
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