Suicide In The Movie Essay

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The question that I thought of after watching the movie was, was what Ben did at the end morally right? Ben believed that his life was not worth living after what happened with his wife. Suicide in this situation is not morally correct. During this movie, Ben was never in the right state of mind through out the movie. He had this all planned out and kept mentioning dying to Emily. Some people think that suicide can be looked at being morally right when you get into talking about physician assisted suicide. In this situation, a person that is terminally ill and want to stop suffering. There are a lot of protocols that go into this before they go about doing it. In the movies situation, Ben was not terminally ill and went about doing it on his own. In the movie, Emily had a extremely bad heart disease, were her heart could stop at anytime, but she fought it and kept fighting it to try and stay alive and get a new heart. In asking my question, was Ben committing suicide at the end of the movie morally wrong, when arguing with a Christin, they would say yes, that is wrong in all ways. Christians pose two arguments against suicide that are found in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The first argument is the natural law argument and…show more content…
In the natural law argument, it says that it is wrong to violate the natural law. Suicide is violating the natural law. So this means that suicide is wrong. For this argument to work, the natural law must have the same meaning throughout the entire argument. Suicide would be considered unnatural. Suicide is not part of the natural order in life. The second argument that is mentioned in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy talks about property. This argument talks about how it is wrong to destroy someone else’s property. We are God’s property. So we need to take care of it and not destroy it. By committing suicide, we are destroying God’s property which is wrong because it is not
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