Suicide In The Philippines Literature Review

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Literature Review Research question: What is the impact of Philippine Suicide Prevention Hotlines to Filipinos ages 18-24? Thesis statement: Philippine suicide prevention hotlines are made to help people with suicidal crisis and these programs have different impacts, relevance and level of effectiveness to Filipinos of different ages. The issue of suicide among teenagers in the Philippines is rarely discussed in the classrooms, homes and in the community. This kind of attitude is brought about by the practice of Catholic religion in which suicide is not accepted by the Catholic Church and the people are afraid to report the incident of suicide in the family since it will mean no sacrament will be given to the person who committed such act of taking one’s own life. It is also related to a certain ‘stigma’ or a sort of disgrace experienced by the family. (Redaniel, Dalida, & Gunnell, 2011) That is why there are only a little information and few studies available regarding the topic of suicide. The existing researches on suicide need to provide more data and the move to address properly the issue of suicide in the Philippines.…show more content…
Though the Philippines has the lowest rate of suicide among the ASEAN member countries, this is because it is underreported based on Catholic belief and family stigma. Since people are afraid to seek assistance openly with loved ones and peers, other ways should be sought to provide immediate help to persons who would seriously consider suicide. Thus, suicide prevention hotlines are perhaps one of the ways needed to address the problem. It is also a perfect way of utilizing the means that majority of the people of today are using and hooked

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