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Sajanti Maharjan
BUS 605 Business Research Methodology
Professor Mr. Chittaranjan Pandey
Westcliff University
4th February 2018 Abstract
In this paper I have critically analyzed on the suicide after SLC examination. The two important determinants of this research is SLC examination and suicide. It has been a very crucial issue in the country. Thus, this paper is an effort to find out why the SLC failures commit to suicide in our Nepalese society. Hence, to find out the major problem of this I have used different types of research and sources of data to collect adequate information.

General Background The school leaving certificate which is popularly known as SLC which is now called Secondary Education Examination (S.E.E)
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• Promote and Support research on suicide prevention.
• Increase knowledge of the warning signs for suicide and how to connect individuals in crisis with assistance and care.
Research Design For this research design i had chosen descriptive research. It is aimed at describing the factors relating to SLC suicide. Descriptive research is the method used when the researcher wants to describe specific behavior as it occurs in the environment (Dulock, 1993). Traditionally, descriptive research involves three main categories: observation, case studies, and surveys. Through the help of descriptive research, detailed information that describes the existing phenomena is collected. It provides description about factors responsible for SLC suicide, their impacts, role of family and societies and the measures to aware students. The data of this report are also based on the survey conducted to the parents and also to the students of various educational level regarding their present situations and experience of SLC respectively. Hence, the research design of the study is closely allied with questionnaire, interviews, survey research design techniques and group discussion as a way to reinforce and evaluate findings over a broader scale to arrive at a conclusion, during the study of
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The research findings suggest that the pressure and prestige of SLC exam is not the only factor responsible for having magnified its importance and associated negative consequences. The socio-cultural factors of Nepalese society have also played a large role in yielding negative consequences. This implies that there is always an appended interrelationship between the socio-cultural context and educational system of a society (Bhuiyan , 2006). The SLC exam has become locally known as the 'iron-gate' because it is a high-stakes exam which has the power to open the door to further studies and academic careers for those who pass, but keeps doors shut to students who

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