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Suicide has been one of the most trending issues that rang throughout the different sources of information such as the social media. It kills anyone with one‘s own decision. As a part of the growth of suicide, it becomes easier and easier from time to time from a simple cutting of wrist to a painful gunshot. Also, there are too many stimuli that could trigger a person’s chance of taking suicide and that include depression, psychosis and mistake. Depression, according to some researchers, is considered to as the topmost cause of suicide. Most of the people who committed suicide are found out to being drowned in depression. They are too devastated from that heartbreak and under appreciation that they can 't handle it anymore. As an escape? They took their own lives thinking that it is the only solution they’ve…show more content…
Though, it’s not an assurance that they would commit suicide, but there 's still that small principal percent that could probably grow depending on the person themselves. That depends on how that person would handle the shame and pain that could come after they have committed that mistake. As a part of it, a person could commit a mistake in any aspect of their life, especially on the socialistic part of it. Most of them are afraid of the embarrassment that could come after that’s why hiding away is the only point they and the best hiding way is to die for them to escape. Most of those kinds of people are the pessimistic ones that think that the problems would just come next once they tried to solve it or that they don’t have a solution for that certain problem. They aren’t able to cope up from their own mistake which is not healthy in any way. In conclusion, the causes of suicide are too universal that it could hit anyone at any time for a teenager to a more mature age. Though they find it as the “best solution” but it 's still better to come out from that certain problem safe and

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