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Envision that you are coming home from school. You get home and, like every other day, you yell for your sister. She doesn’t come downstairs. You go upstairs to get her, you see her door slightly ajar, you push it open, thinking nothing of it, your heart skips a beat as you see your twelve year old sister lying on the floor with an empty bottle of pills. You approach her cautiously, and see she is barely breathing. What would you do next? “Every day, an average of 18 teens kill themselves. Every hour, 57 children and young adults in the United States try to kill themselves...” (Leder 17-18). As one would see here, suicide is a big issue. Suicide is the act of taking one's own life voluntarily. When mentioning suicide many may associate it with…show more content…
In the world today, bullying is a constant happening everywhere. It occurs between families, friends, strangers and even classmates. If one is bullied by their classmates, it would be very difficult to deal with, especially with advantages in technology, the bullying would continue outside of school. As an example, "in several cases teens reportedly committed suicide to escape the intense and unrelenting bullying they endured" (Ollove par. 2). In school, kids and teens are held under a lot of pressure to fit in. Sometimes, when a kid is seen as different, people will bully them. Especially taking into consideration that teens and children would be most likely to face this tormenting everyday, it would be very hard to deal with. When one is bullied they may feel isolated and trapped, and they might spiral into a suicidal state. Thus, when society is constantly putting pressure on people to be the right size, to play specific sports, to fit in, they are teaching kids that it is wrong to be different. Those kids grow up with that message and then bully people who are different, due to them not understanding that it’s okay to be different. Society is creating a base for people to become suicidal. Aside from the pressures of looks and what is right in society, there are also other pressures, such as a need for perfection. Whether in the home, or academics; the stress for perfection is never-ending. For an added example, "given the…show more content…
To summarize, isolation makes suicidal people depressed, and in most cases, more suicidal. Social pressure increases suicide rates as people believe that they are not worthy. Antidepressants can increase suicidal thoughts, and constant advertising of alcohol is unhealthy to those suffering from mental illness. Now, remember when I asked what you would do, if someone you loved killed themselves? How many of you didn't know? Suicide itself is a large issue facing the world today. The lack of beneficial suicide awareness is bigger. Countless amounts of people can say that they have known someone who committed or attempted suicide. And countless amounts of people can say that they have contemplated or even attempted suicide. But what is more devastating are the numerous amounts of people whose cries for help went unnoticed because most are uneducated about mental illness and suicide. There are many ways we can help in the prevention of suicide. We can start, by talking about the signs and symptoms of one thinking about suicide. Some of those symptoms are; talking about death, saying goodbye, putting affairs in order and withdrawals. Second, being familiar with the risk factors of suicide. To list a few;

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