Golden Gate Bridge: The Cause Of Teenage Suicide

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Now, people around the world often see the news on television or newspaper about suicide because of stress. This year, people around the world kill themselves about seven hundred seventy thousand. The most suicidal country in the world because of stress is Guyana, South Africa and In United states, teenagers commit suicide about thousands because of stress too. Many people died infinitely because of this symptom. Aokigahara Forest, Japan is the most popular suicide spots on Earth .In San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, United States is the second place spots on Earth which has people suicide themselves more than one thousand five hundred and then government has a sign advertising crisis hotline telephone on bridge for preclude person who want…show more content…
First is the effect to body. Stress can contribute bad health and diseases. The stress is cause of many diseases such as heart disease, High blood pressure, Obesity and Stomach Ulcer. And it can make bad health such as headache, faint and tired. If patient must be finds too much stress, it can affect to people think about suicide. The second is effect to emotion and mind. Mind of people who has stresses often no concentration, absent-minded which can contributes accident. That’s not enough, it can make fractious, loss of confident, sorrow and anxious. Someone is in too long stress symptom, it leads to Psychosis. The last is Behavior. It’s not only effect to body or mind but it can change the behavior of patient. Someone bored with food or hungry all of the time and Insomnia. Some people solve a problem in wrong ways such as addicted to drugs, smoke cigarettes, drinks alcohol and gamble. Some patient maybe injures themselves and sometimes it contributes to…show more content…
It has many techniques that can avoid stress from patient but first don’t think or worry anything just relax. This technique, patient can do it without the doctor or psychiatrist. They can do it by themselves. People who are in Stress symptom should go out for broaden one’s view or do something that make feel happy or relax such as go to park for picnic or go to fun park for play something fun. When stay at home, should rest or take a hot shower. If bored at home, just go to travel in other country or town with friend or family. The important thing to avoid this symptom is positive thinking. Thinking the best thing that can make laugh or remember the good time. That’s enough to avoid stress

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