Suicide: The Causes Of Suicide Around The World

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Now, people around the world often see the news on television or newspaper about suicide because of stress. This year, people around the world kill themselves about seven hundred seventy thousand. The most suicidal country in the world because of stress is Guyana, South Africa and In United states, teenagers commit suicide about thousands because of stress too. Many people died infinitely because of this symptom. Aokigahara Forest, Japan is the most popular suicide spots on Earth .In San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, United States is the second place spots on Earth which has people suicide themselves more than one thousand five hundred and then government has a sign advertising crisis hotline telephone on bridge for preclude person who want to commit suicide. The stress can happen to everybody in the world. A lot of people often think it’s not a big deal but actually it’s dangerous than expected. And a lot of people don’t know enough about this symptom. It has many reasons lead to stress which affect the negative effect to body. People around the world should realize the danger of having stress and knowing how to prevent themselves from the stresses. Basically everything that happen in life can become to the stress but the most cause of stress are work and life stress. The First cause is work. Many people must have work in their lives. At this time working age was more stressful than past because of many factors in work. Stress from work has two cause .First is stress
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