Suicide In Our Society Essay

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Death is the thing that human must confront. Everyone knows that they cannot avoid death. It is impossible for us to know when, where, and how we will die, but we know that all of us will die someday. People die for various reasons such as natural death, diseases, and accidents, etc. Although it is miserable and sad regardless of the reason, there is one cause of death which is very controversial among people in modern society, and that is ‘suicide’ The definition of suicide is the intentional taking of one’s own life. Many socialists and psychologists have studied to find out the reason why people commit suicide. According to World Health Organization, the top ten countries with high suicide rate in 2012 were Guyana, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, Suriname, Mozambique, Tanzania, Nepal, Kazakhstan, and Burundi (WHO, 2012). They found various reasons for committing suicide such…show more content…
The definition of ‘murder’ is the unlawful act of premeditated killing of a human being by a human being. Since a long time ago, many criminal cases have happened in our society and among them, ‘murder’ is perceived to be the most villainous crime. The life of human is the most valuable in the society. At the same time, ‘life’ is the most basic human right, thus, society should be prioritized to protect it. For that very reason, ‘murder’ is the most unforgivable crime as it is the act of intentionally terminating a life of someone which is the most valuable in community. Compared to the meaning of ‘murder’, suicide should be considered as ‘crime’. Although this statement might be disagreeable by some people, it is obvious that suicide is also killing someone’s life. The only different thing between ‘suicide’ and ‘murder’ is the target of killing. ‘Suicide’ is killing oneself and ‘murder’s is killing other person. Therefore, it is social crime since no one has right to terminate a life of any
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