Suicide: The Three Major Causes Of Suicide

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Suicide is a widespread phenomenon all the people suffer from it in every country in the world so what is suicide? What causes suicide? What is the management? All of that will be in the essay.
Suicide known as an act that includes person’s death by himself on purpose (1). Suicide crime’s happens often because of desperation when he feels hopeless for achieving anything in his life and that makes the person in lots of pain and he might get into lots of problems as taking drugs or abusing to others.
There are 3 main factors causes suicide (2):
1- Biological: genetic factors, prenatal and postnatal factors, imbalance in brain chemistry, alterations in neurotransmission also who have a physical health problems like cancer, chronic pain, traumatic brain injury and who had more than one health problem are more exposure than the others
2- Sociocultural: Personal relationships between (family, lovers, friends) Family stability (problems or abuses in the family) Economic status (financial difficulty, unemployment, poverty) Social cohesion, Work environment (without harsh director, bully) Personal belief systems/value (not confident always misbeliever)
3- Psychosocial: Childhood trauma (torture, rape, natural disasters) Childhood neglect (emotional or physical neglect) Dysfunctional family structure (divorce, problems between parents, death one of the parents) Biological disorders.
And the most important thing is the weak faith in god I think that explain a lot if the faith is weak
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