Sukhman Sidhu's Story: The Big Hike

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The Big Hike

The grade 7 students at ladner elementary went to Evans Lake, and had a awesome time, Sukhman Sidhu one of the grade 7’s at Ladner Elementary told us a story about the big hike and asked if we could share the story, so we are here to tell you about the story “The Big Hike”. It was around 10:00 am when the grade 7’s went on a hike, on this hike they hiked up a mountain, and at the top chief told them a story. It was a beautiful day at Evans Lake, all the students were lined up in front of the rec hall in their cabin groups waiting for instructions. At around 10:10 the teachers gave the students information and instructions, they were informed that they were going on a hike and it would take about 40 minutes to hike up the mountain and 40 minutes to hike down the mountain, all the students were very happy. At
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Sukhman said the hike was pretty easy until the last part, he described that they had to get all the parents to go up and help the students get up. He said that it wasn 't uphill at that point, he said it was like stairs but you would have to step a lot higher in fact you would put one leg up and you would give your hand to the parents and they would help you up. At that point they finally reached the top, they all sat on this mini hill and at the bottom of that hill was chief and he told the students, parents and teachers a story about the haunted cabin 8. After the story was done they started their hike down, Sukhman said it was a lot easier than going up he said it only took them about 30 minutes to get down. When they were hiking down they saw bear paw prints and stopped to look at the Sukhman said they were nothing like he has seen before. When they reached the bottom they continued to talk about the hike and remained to talk about it for the rest of the day, Sukhman said he enjoyed the hike a lot and his classmates also like it as much as him if not more. Thank you for reading Ladner Times and we hope that you will read our
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