The True Essence Of Friendship In Toni Morrison's Sula

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This article completely brings out the true essence of friendship and how it happens between two girls, Sula and Nel. The girls live in a place called “bottom” where blacks used to live after a white man offered the particular land to them, which is not good for cropping and it is the bottom of the place of the place and so it was named so. Nell was born to Helen and Wiley wraght in ‘Middleton’ even though Nel is plain looking , Helen was happy because as a plain girl Nel never become like her grandmother who was whore. Helen hopes that her grandmother’s daughter has a normal life with dignity. Helen gets a letter that her grandmother is dying. It was a long time since she left with wiley, and now she goes there along with Nel. Nel met Rachel…show more content…
He wants a wife who can able to console him in his bad times and in return he can shatter her, love her, and grow old with her.Sula seems happier than Nel that her friend is getting married. She enjoys the occasion and moves away from her.Sula feels that she don’t want to disturb her friends life.Sula leaves the village and lead an independent life. Eva finds something bad in the nature. It shows that the evil thing is connected with Sula.truely now; Sula is filled with evil thoughts and behavior. She came to her house, where Eva and Sula they didn’t share affectionate words rather they fight and throws anger on the other person. Sula tries to blame eva for everything and in a day or two Eva was taken to mental Sula feels a great relief and it’s very clear that Sula has changed in the years. She is filled with negative thoughts. The friends get to meet after a decade and they had best time in the afternoon. They talk about Eva where Sula blames her grandmother but we know the truth behind it. When Nel’s husband Jude comes there in a sad mood.Nel tries to comfort him.Sula disagrees the idea and comment on white men’s behavior which really comforts Jude and he laughs subsequently Jude ends up sleeping with Sula even though she is not
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