Suleiki Jaouad Biography

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Almost every individual has had an experience where they or someone they know have battled a disease. No matter what the disease is, the patient typically is associated with negativity; however, in this memoir by Suleiki Jaouad, the author places a different view on cancer. Suleiki Jaouad developed (AML) acute myeloid leukemia, due to a bone marrow disorder, at the age of twenty two. Throughout her story, Jaouad discusses the impacts of developing cancer and how she coped with her disease. Her most precious asset was her long, wavy hair, and she knew once she began her chemotherapy treatments that she would not be able to keep her long hair. She describes how she asked her doctor two questions after she was diagnosed, and one of those being whether or not she was going to be able to keep her hair. She then begins to inform the reader how she felt losing her hair and what the impact was in her life. She explains how every time she went in public, which was not often, she received stares because people associate baldness with cancer. That’s how society is. She wants to be more than an individual with cancer, this is when she…show more content…
This essay appeals to the reader 's emotions, especially if the reader has cancer, or has someone close to them in their life who is battling cancer. I thought the author’s attitude was appropriate when discussing her life, and she presented her claim in a unique way. She put a new view into the reader’s mind of how to cope with cancer, and how to become a new person because of your disease. She concludes the memoir stating how she is bald again, and dreams of having her long, wavy hair back, but for now she will focus on her new hair tattoo. I think this is a perfect representation of how to cope with cancer, and how to transform into a new person for the better because of
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