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Sulfuric acid or “Oil of Vitriol” is a clear, oily and strong acid with a chemical formula of H2SO4. It is water soluble and odorless. It is highly corrosive to most metals and biological materials. It is usually used in the liquid form and often diluted with water or other chemicals for use. It is estimated that by 2012, world production of sulfuric acid would reach over 250 million tons a year.

The History of Sulfuric Acid

The first mentions of sulfuric acid in history are somewhat lost, but it is known that it was first made in glass containers. This stored the chemical fine, but before the 18th century, glass containers were hard to make and could not be made very large. This made Sulfuric acid expensive because it could
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It is good for many drain cleaners because of its corrosive nature that breaks up debris blocking water from going down the drain. It is also found in lead acid batteries for cars. The acid reacts with the lead to release and store electricity.

It is highly used in various concentrations in manufacturing as well as in the agriculture business. It is used in the making of products, and in the finished products as well. Metal manufacturing facilities use it for making some metals as well as surface cleaning of steel. It is used for Tanning leather as well as in two of the biggest fields of sulfuric acid use: in the production of other chemicals, and in the manufacturing of fertilizers. It is sometimes used in cleaners, solvents, and to bleach things.

Workers exposer should be kept to a minimum in these manufacturing facilities. Because sulfuric acid is a strong corrosive substance with very limited exposer limits. Contact with physical liquid will cause immediate skin irritation. Fumes are caustic and cause damage to lungs and other internal organs. Some symptoms for direct contact are burns, trouble breathing, vomiting blood, fever, and low blood pressure. Symptoms from breathing in fumes are: trouble breathing, coughing, chest tightness, and coughing blood. Exposer is through contact with damage to contacted area, and internal by breathing in fumes. Exposer through ingestion will cause burns in mouth and throat
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It should be kept at a cool temperature, below seventy-three degrees Fahrenheit, and moisture should be kept away from it, because when exposed to water is reacts violently and could cause a fire. When transporting sulfuric acid, like all chemicals, it needs to have a detailed safety data sheet (SDS). This tells the driver and anyone handling the substance exactly what they are dealing with and the possible hazards of the substance. Another important part of a SDS is let people cleaning up a wreck know what chemical is being transported if there is an accident or spill. Safety data sheets should be kept in physical format anywhere the chemical is being stored or even passing

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